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Our Coaching Program is Guaranteed

What have you got to lose?

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THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET coaching is the full package; it's life-changing, it's long-term, and it's goal-oriented.

We know it works that's why we guarantee it!


Your 12-month coaching begins with an intensive 6-week training program where we will help you to identify your key goals to make life-changing improvements to your professional and personal lives.

Your program will then progress to a monthly one-to-one coaching session for the following 12 months, where you will be guided to personally achieve your goals, transform your ability to face life’s challenges with greater positivity, and to establish habits and routines to maintain mental fitness for life.


The coaching is driven via a comprehensive app on your mobile phone that helps to keep you on track throughout the program, with weekly focuses and daily 2-minute practices.

You will receive an initial 2-hour one-to-one session with your coach to define your most important goals. Then, progress to 12 x monthly 2-hour one-to-one sessions to guide you personally to reach these goals.



If you do the agreed work in the first 2 months but decide it’s just not for you, we guarantee a 100% refund.

At any time after that, if you've got what you needed from the 12-month program, stop with nothing more to pay.

What have you got to lose?


Our mental fitness coaches have been in your shoes, felt your challenges and know how to guide you to achieve your goals, and to reach your peak performance with a happier, calmer, and clearer mind.

Make mental fitness your competitive advantage, and with a guarantee like ours, what have you got to lose?

Contact us today as the first step towards building your mental fitness for life.


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