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6 Steps to workplace happiness

Happy teams = Successful businesses.

According to new research published by Lord Mark Price and WorkL in The Sunday Times' Best Places to Work 2023, there are 6 critical motivators for workplace happiness. So, what can leaders do to ensure their workforce is content?

1. Reward & Recognition

Everyone wants to be paid fairly but more importantly, leaders need to tell an individual they're doing a good job and thank them personally- this is a powerful motivator that helps build trust.

2. Sharing Information

Ensure that every employee has the correct information and training required to do their job. This is key to the overall success of an organisation. Failure to share information on how well the company is performing or lack of transparency about future plans will hinder an employee's ability to perform their job to the best ability and will become de-motivating.

3. Empowerment

Make employees feel part of the decision-making process. Actively listen to their ideas. Empower them to make suggestions and have a two-way conversation to ensure they are heard. Trust younger employees. Seek a diversified team to help you build the best outcomes and a collaborative atmosphere.

4. Well-being

If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that everyone has pressures outside of their working life. Manager relationships are at the heart of an individual's well-being; you don't need to be a counsellor (and good companies will have this support place), but leaders do need to actively support the mental and physical health of their people. Research proves that putting employee well-being at the top of your business agenda will improve absenteeism and reduce staff turnover so it's a win-win for any business.

5. Instill Pride

Give your employees a purpose. Help them see that what they do every day is worthwhile to the success of the company. This will instil in them a sense of pride and help drive extra effort. When John F Kennedy visited the Nasa Space Centre in 1962 he asked a janitor what his role was. The man responded, "I'm helping put a man on the moon Mr President". Every employee should know their unique value to their company.

6. Job Satisfaction

Personal development is consistently quoted as the biggest driver for workplace happiness. A poor relationship with their manager is the number one cited reason for leaving a company. As a manager, are you helping employees become better at their job and fostering good relationships that instil pride, loyalty and happiness? If not, why not?

So, how can Business Leaders ensure employee happiness?

The simple answer is: Lead by example.

As a leader in your company, your behaviours and attitudes need to reflect those of your company, but also who you are as a person, and as a manager. It is a two-way street - you need to demonstrate to those who work for you what behaviours and attitudes are expected from them; thereby building trust, loyalty and happiness in the workplace.

But, often the daily stresses of the job, a lack of work-life balance, or poor communication from leaders can build up barriers to development, success and happiness at work, both for leaders and employees.

Want to be a better leader?

Coaching can help leaders understand the causes of all their stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, regret, guilt, or unhappiness, then learn the techniques to build mental fitness in ways that produce positive emotions like curiosity, empathy, creativity, calm, and clear-headed laser-focused action. This is called Mental Fitness.

Our 6-week Pod Program from The Executive Mindset gives business leaders the insights, motivation, and structure to build mental fitness by practising just 15 minutes per day. We will coach you to:


Understand all the ways you are preventing your own success.


Define your top 3 goals and focus your coaching on achieving them.


Learn to improve your relationships at work and at home.


Learn to change how you react to stressful situations in your life.


Approach tasks and make decisions with a calmer and clearer mind.

Learn to control your responses to life's challenges, giving you more control over the outcomes...



OUR MISSION “To bring success and harmony to every leader in the world”

THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET exists to enable you to become a world-class leader; to show you how to get what you really want and to achieve harmony across your home and professional lives. We are world-class, qualified coaches with clients around the globe,


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