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Guest on The Transition Guy® Podcast

Mental fitness is something that everyone can benefit from. With practice, you can learn to start coping with challenges effectively, rather than letting them control you. This is what makes our own mental fitness program so valuable - It provides you with the tools that you need in order to overcome obstacles that would otherwise prove to be overwhelming.

In this 15-minute podcast with Peter Boolkah - The Transition Guy our very own Graham Whiley discusses 'The science behind mental fitness & strength'.

Check it out on video:

At the core of our philosophy is the fact that you're in control of how much stress you suffer. Stressful situations occur in everyone’s lives, that’s for sure. But what you do in those situations is completely up to you - You determine how much stress you feel when coping with challenges.

But just as a marathon runner starts by first running shorter races, you build mental fitness and strength over time. Day by day, you can teach yourself that you’re in control of your reactions. Take the pandemic, for example. It affected nearly everyone. And yet, who succeeded? Was it the businesses that buried their heads and despaired? Or was it the ones who looked for opportunities even when there seemed to be nothing on the horizon? You can bet it was the second group. In fact, as Graham reminds us, even the simple act of looking for a solution can boost your mood and help you build your mental fitness.

A simple shift in your mindset could make a world of difference.


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