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Interview with Jo Henney, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Governance Officer, Nugent

THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET has helped countless executives to build their mental fitness, to achieve their goals, and to approach circumstances with a calmer and more positive mindset.

In this interview, recent program graduate Jo Henney, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Governance Officer at Nugent, shares her experience of being coached by THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET and how it has changed her...

JO HENNEY Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Governance Officer


Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Governance Officer

Nugent – DCGO

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1. What was your overall impression of Mental Fitness Coaching before you underwent our coaching?

I had heard positive feedback on THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET from a trusted acquaintance, so I was optimistic to undertake coaching myself.

2. What appealed to you about THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET Mental Fitness program?

That it was an operating system, a way of life.

3. How did it feel to be coached by THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET?

Great – The coaches are supportive, challenging and knowledgeable.

4. As you went through the coaching journey, how did it change things for you?

I began to understand all the ways I’d been sabotaging myself and learnt how to use the coaching techniques to manage my approach and as a result, achieve better results.

5. What was your pod experience like, and would you recommend it to other participants?

I definitely learnt better as a part of a pod. Understanding and supporting others on their coaching journey, assisted me with mine.

6. What did you hope to achieve from your coaching? Were your expectations met?

I hoped to understand why I behave like I do and to strengthen my emotional intelligence. Yes, these expectations were certainly met.

7. What new strengths can you see you have developed from the coaching experience?

Understanding other people behaviours, seeing the gift in a crisis and managing my saboteurs to achieve better outcomes.

8. Were there any unexpected outcomes for you from your coaching program that you’d be willing to share?

Yes, there was - I took the time to consider a proposal which resulted in a better outcome for myself and my family.

9. What will you now do differently to how you operated before the coaching experience?

After the coaching I make sure that I take time for me, and to prepare for difficult situations. I also have a better understanding of others and their behaviours.

10. Having undertaken our mental fitness coaching program, what would you say now to another business leader who thinks that they don’t need mental fitness coaching?

It’s imperative to manage yourself and your team to achieve their own goals, in an open and challenging environment.

11. What would you say now to another business leader who thinks that they don’t have time to be coached?

Make the time, you won’t regret it! The mental fitness coaching will help you understand and manage your work and personal lives, your teams and impacts on everyone around you.

12. Would you recommend THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET mental fitness coaching to other business leaders? Why?

Yes, having a coach to guide you, or teams in your organisation, through this programme will ensure you benefit fully in the operating system.


THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET offers a guaranteed 12-month coaching program for business owners and leaders that will dramatically improve your mental fitness in as little as 6-weeks.

To find out more contact us today, or why not book a no-obligation video call with one of our coaches and start training towards improving your mental fitness.


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