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Interview with Mark Attwell, Director, MKT Logistics

THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET has helped countless executives to build their mental fitness, achieve their goals, and to approach circumstances with a calmer and more positive mindset. In this interview, recent program graduate Mark Attwell, Director at MKT Logistics, shares his experience of being coached by THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET and how it has changed him...

Mark Attwell


Had you undertaken any other coaching or training programs prior to the mental fitness program run by Graham? If yes, did they meet your expectations?

No, I had done nothing similar.

What was your overall impression of Mental Fitness Coaching before you underwent our coaching?

At that point, I wouldn’t have considered it.

What appealed to you about THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET Mental Fitness program?

During a discussion with Graham, I liked the sound of how the coaching program was formulated into bite-size chunks.

How did it feel to be coached by THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET?

I loved it! I struggled some days to achieve the timings but looked forward to the weekly review. I didn’t really get involved in the App's community forum though.

As you went through the coaching journey, how did it change things for you?

I had been considering changing jobs and even careers. After the coaching, I became more positive, looked at certain scenarios differently and my wife and friends noticed a positive change in my attitude in a relatively short time. I developed a more positive attitude toward certain people. I had a poor working relationship with a colleague - very combative - but it's now much better

What was your pod experience like, and would you recommend it to other participants?

By choice, I didn’t go into a pod and received 121 weekly catchups. I can see the positives and negatives of both but would still prefer 121.

What did you hope to achieve from your coaching? Were your expectations met?

I had an open mind but I wanted to be more positive, considered and less reactive. Yes, my expectations were met.

What new strengths can you see you have developed from the coaching experience?

Positivity, tolerance, more considerate of others' viewpoints in circumstances and also, how situations may look to the other people.

Were there any unexpected outcomes for you from your coaching program that you’d be willing to share?

My sleep improved!

What will you now do differently from how you operated before the coaching experience?

Multiple things; consider others more, continue to try and see positives in situations.

Having undertaken our mental fitness coaching program, what would you say now to another business leader who thinks that they don’t need mental fitness coaching?

I would say have an open mind. Although I still have ups and downs, they are reduced and much less likely to make hasty, life-changing decisions. I was pleasantly surprised so would say invest a month of 15 minutes per day.

What would you say now to another business leader who thinks that they don’t have time to be coached?

Well, I’d say you have but acknowledge that recently, I’ve struggled to fit all my sessions in. The key thing is to keep going. I disabled the app for a week when I was on holiday, but I wish I hadn’t! I got out of the habit and struggled a little bit to keep to timings, but that’s also partly due to constant travelling - I need to make more effort.

Would you recommend THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET mental fitness coaching to other business leaders? Why?

Yes, without a doubt. There are observations in the training which you couldn’t foresee such as every situation is a gift. The perfect example is the stallion story you are told on the program. I am now able to see positives in negative situations.


THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET offers a guaranteed 6-week coaching program for business owners and leaders that will dramatically improve your mental fitness.

To find out more contact us today, or why not book a no-obligation video call with one of our coaches and start training towards improving your mental fitness.


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