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Meet Mental Fitness Coach Graham Whiley


Mental Fitness Coach


Over the past 20 years, Graham has coached executives and their teams around the world in organisations from global operators to privately owned SMEs, along with Third Sector not-for-profits and in the Public sector.

In this rare interview, Graham explains benefits of coaching, how THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET has helped countless executives to build their mental fitness and to achieve their goals, and how he can do the same for you.

What is your background in coaching and what led you to become a Mental Fitness Coach for THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET?

I am qualified to level 7 with ILM as an Executive Coach and Mentor and have many thousands of hours coaching leaders and their teams around the world. I was introduced to the Mental Fitness practice by the initial 6-week intensive course. This made such an impression on me that I immediately signed up for the 1-year coach qualification program.

Having obtained this qualification, I launched THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET; combining many years of coaching executives around the world with the latest, proven, thinking on Mental Fitness.

Can you describe THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET and your coaching program?

THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET is the combination of developing Mental Fitness whilst also focusing on your career and life goals. Once you have mastered the techniques, you can maintain mental fitness for life.

What impact has the coaching program had on you?

I can only describe it as 'awesomely transformational’. Developing the ability to reduce stress and negative emotions whilst achieving the very best ‘you’ is simply amazing.

Who would benefit from your coaching and why?

Every business leader and their executive teams would benefit from our mental fitness coaching - even the most sceptical participants at the outset, have seen life-changing results.

What kind of goals can you help business leaders achieve?

Executives have conflicting pressures that take a real toll – delivery in the role, family and parenting, personal development, and well being. In all these areas our coaching will drive success.

What makes THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET coaching different from those that business leaders might have encountered before?

It’s the FULL PACKAGE - its life-changing, its long-term and its goal-oriented.

How does it feel to be coached by you?

I have sat in your seat. I empathise with your challenges and I bring a wealth of insight whilst helping you get the best out of yourself.

What would you say to someone who thinks they don’t need Mental Fitness coaching?

I would say that they probably need it more than others if they truly think that! I cannot emphasise enough how building your mental fitness will improve your life - We know it works that's why we guarantee it!

Isn’t Mental Fitness coaching just a load of ‘wellness’ and yoga? – I don’t have time for that!

Not at all. This is science-based, proven repositioning of how you respond to life’s challenges. It’s not easy, but it does work if you commit to the program. Everyone can find 2-minutes a few times per day to practice habits that will build mental fitness for life.

Can you tell us a success story from THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET coaching program?

In all honesty, there are too many to single out. I have received so much positive feedback; ‘this has transformed my life’, ‘ I am a much better parent’, ‘we need to get this to the rest of our team’, ‘if only I had l known this decades ago’ are just some of the fantastic comments we have received from executives.

What is the best piece of coaching you’ve ever experienced that you would want others to know about?

The Mental Fitness Program by Shirzad Chamine, which is the foundation of our program, is the single best coaching experience I have had. It truly is a game-changer.

Why should clients choose you as their Mental Fitness Coach?

I have a tremendous track record of success as a coach. I understand Mental Fitness. I am qualified and very skilled. I have done their job – feel their challenge and can guide them to achieve their goals, reaching their peak performance with a happier, calmer, and clearer mind.


THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET offers a guaranteed 12-month coaching program for business owners and leaders that will dramatically improve your mental fitness in as little as 6-weeks.

To find out more contact us today, or why not book a no-obligation video call with one of our coaches and start training towards improving your mental fitness.


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