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Are you an over-achiever?

Does this sound like you?

· You are competitive.

· You are good at covering up insecurities.

· You are goal orientated.

· You have a workaholic streak.

· You keep people at a safe distance.

· You must be the best at what you do.

As a business leader, you are dependant on performance and achievements. But often, too much focus on success can lead to unsustainable, workaholic tendencies and cause you to lose touch with the need to also build positive relationships in your workplace and home.

What’s wrong with that?

You may believe that life is about achieving and producing results and that always portraying a good image helps you to achieve those goals. It’s important to you to feel successful - it may give you a sense of personal worth. Building relationships with others and sharing your feeling are a distraction and don’t help anything, right?

Wrong. Often your need for self-validation and self-acceptance are conditioned on continued performance and your next success. Others around you may be pulled into your ‘performance vortex’ of the need to achieve and to also portray an image of success, and then become similarly lopsided in their focus on external achievement and lack of meaningful relationships.

Yours and their happiness become short-lived, celebrations of real achievements become fleeting, and relationships suffer as the fear of failure, or fear of vulnerability - that they may not be as perfect as their image portrays - leads them into workaholic tendencies as well.

What can I do about it?

THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET can help. Through an intensive 6-week training course, our Mental Fitness Coaches guide you to identify your key goals, whether personal or professional, and train you to take actions based on a positive, rather than negative mindset.

Forget everything you think you know about coaching. Our mental fitness coaching is based on years of experience mentoring and training executives, combined with the latest, proven research on mental fitness. We will train you to establish habits and routines that will build your mental fitness for life and create lasting changes to your behaviour, relationships and ultimately, your success and happiness.

Make mental fitness your competitive advantage, and with a guarantee like ours, what have you got to lose?

Contact us today as the first step towards building your mental fitness for life.


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