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Are you in or out of control?

Does this sound like you?

  • You have a strong presence and need to control and take charge.

  • You connect with others through competition, challenge or conflict.

  • You are wilful, confrontational and a straight talker.

  • You push people beyond their comfort zone.

  • You come alive when doing the impossible and beating the odds.

  • You are surprised that others get hurt.

  • You use in-your-face communication, interpreted by others as anger or criticism.

As a business leader you are undoubtedly in control of making many critical decisions on a daily basis. You want, and may need, to take control. This is how you demonstrate that you are working hard, making progress and how you push your team to succeed – right?

What’s wrong with that?

You may believe that without you being in charge and in control that nothing would get done – that you need to push people to get the job done for the benefit of you all. You’re doing them a favour aren’t you?

Not so. These actions might get you temporary results, but at the cost of others feeling controlled and unable to tap into their own reserves. Your in-your-face communication style could be interpreted by others as anger or criticism and ultimately limit their ability to grow and develop within your organisation.

In yourself, the overwhelming need to control may generate a great deal of anxiety as most things in work and life are uncontrollable. The feeling of being out of control can lead to impatience, anger, confrontation and cause you to intimidate others who don’t follow you. And this isn’t only within the workplace – often these feelings and actions manifest themselves in your home-life too.

What can I do about it?

THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET can help. Through an intensive 6-week training course, our Mental Fitness Coaches guide you to identify your key goals, whether personal or professional, and train you to take actions based on a positive, rather than negative mindset.

Forget everything you think you know about coaching. Our mental fitness coaching is based on years of experience mentoring and training executives, combined with the latest, proven research on mental fitness. We will train you to establish habits and routines that will build your mental fitness for life and create lasting changes to your behaviour, relationships and ultimately, your success.

Make mental fitness your competitive advantage, and with a guarantee like ours, what have you got to lose?

Contact us today as the first step towards building your mental fitness for life.


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