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Are you too focused?

Having intense focus and a rational mind which processes everything, including relationships, are common traits amongst successful business leaders. However, your intense and active mind can often be perceived by others as being intellectually arrogant, cold and distant, or uncaring.

You may often lose track of time due to your intense concentration and find yourself becoming irritated if you are distracted from your projects by the needs and emotions of others.

What’s wrong with that?

You may try to justify these traits to yourself by believing that having a rational mind is the most important thing when making key decision for your business. Work need to get done and you need to focus. Other people’s ‘messy’ emotional needs are a wasteful distraction from precious resources, time and energy - right?

But have you considered how these traits are limiting the depth and flexibility of your relationships in work and in life?

In the past, you may have gained attention and praise by being the smartest person in the room. Your tendency to escape into the neat and orderly generates a sense of security for you, but this can lead to others feeling intimidated by you, feeling criticised by your intense scrutiny or cynicism of their ideas. Your relationships will lack depth and may ultimately lead to you becoming isolated from your team.

What can I do about it?

THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET can help. Through an intensive 6-week training course, our Mental Fitness Coaches guide you to identify the main traits that are holding you back, to identify your key goals, whether personal or professional, and train you to motivate yourself using a positive, rather than negative mindset.

Forget everything you think you know about coaching; this isn’t some ‘happy-clappy’ meditation session. We use scientifically proven methods to train you to establish habits and routines that will build your mental fitness for life and create lasting changes to your behaviour, relationships and ultimately, your success and happiness.


Make mental fitness your competitive advantage, and with a guarantee like ours, what have you got to lose?

Contact us today as the first step towards building your mental fitness for life.


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