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How often do you judge yourself and others?

Uncover the main cause of mental stress and how you can overcome it

What is ‘judging’?

Read the statements below. Does this sound like you?

  • You find fault with yourself, others and circumstances.

  • You scold yourself for past mistakes or current shortcomings.

  • You focus on what is wrong with others and compare their inferiority to you, or your superiority to them.

  • You insist that an outcome or circumstance is “bad” rather than seeing an opportunity.

Our natural bias to notice, exaggerate and react to any negative situation is part of our central survival strategy; to reduce our chance of being surprised and harmed by unanticipated dangers to our survival – and because of this, our judgement is the universal flaw shared by all, regardless of our circumstances or upbringing.

How does judging yourself and others make you feel?

As a business leader, your instinct to protect your business against harm is probably more heightened that ever, and because of this, your judgement of yourself and others is more often at the forefront of your decision-making processes.

You will often try to justify to yourself that your actions are having a positive impact on yourself, others and outcomes. Do these statements sound familiar?

  • ‘Without me pushing you, you will get complacent’

  • ‘Without me punishing your mistakes, you won’t learn from them and will repeat them’.

  • ‘Without me making you feel bad about a bad outcome, you won’t take any action to change it’.

  • If I don’t judge others, I will lose my objectivity’

You may start to think ‘What is wrong with me?’ or ‘What is wrong with them?’ You might start telling yourself lies such as the work you do isn’t good enough, that others are judging you or that certain circumstances are out of your control.

Well, this is your inner judge taking control, and it is having a huge impact on your own happiness, well-being and success - triggering a self-fulfilling prophecy and is creating unnecessary conflicts in your personal and professional lives.

What can I do about it?

Much of the guilt, regret, shame and disappointment you feel stems from judging yourself and others.

At THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET our mental fitness coaching will arm you will the ability to let go of judgement and using the ground-breaking work of Stanford Lecturer, Shirzad Chamine, and the results of his global research study, we will introduce you to the concept of Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence.

During our 12-month training, you will be guided to personally achieve your goals, transform your ability to face life’s challenges with greater positivity, and to establish habits and routines to maintain mental fitness for life.

You undoubtedly ensure that your body is physically fit, well why not invest the time ensuring that your mind is fit too?


THE EXECUTIVE MINDSET exists to enable you to become a world class leader; to show you how to get what you really want and to achieve harmony across your home and professional life.

We are so confident in your success that we will guarantee it!



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